The Ordinary Life Project exists to help people do good — not so much in spectacular, one-off gestures, but in the midst of the mundane and day-to-day. We often can't equip ourselves for the extraordinary, but we can commit ourselves to living faithfully and well in our everyday circumstances. Because these are the circumstances in which God, by his grace, has placed us. And these are the circumstances in which he, by his grace, calls us and equips us to serve him. From this point-of-view, our lives may not look so ordinary.

This Project is an initiative of Groundwork, an evangelical organization that provides resources to help equip churches and individuals to live the ordinary Christian life. It's a collaboration between a number of individuals and organizations who are committed to growing in love for Jesus, his people, and his world. We hope to encourage one another to follow Jesus in the details of everyday life, both because this honours Jesus in itself, and because of the contribution to mission that a godly life can make.

The editor of this site is Stuart Heath. Stuart's a husband and father who teaches theology and English to adults. He’s also a Director of Groundwork. He and his family belong to Marrickville Road Church in Sydney's Inner West.

Contributors to this site express their own opinions, which may not necessarily reflect those of the editor.

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